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Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got up to a few rain sprinkles this morning and now the sun is shining. It's 70 degrees and a light breeze is blowing. Nice! I went to get my nails done and decided to have my toes done too. This will probably be the last polish job this year for my toes. I've picked up the clutter and vacuumed, forget the dusting for today! Bob is working in the office today trying to answer Obamacare questions.

Maggie -- Did you ever have a red Jeep? Around here "they" say white is the most dangerous color because you can't see it against the snow in the winter time. We have a lot of car diversity around here: Iowa Hawkeye gold, or bright orange, lime, pink, and yellow. For awhile it seemed like everyone bought the sandstone color or silver. I've almost always had red.

"Gma" -- I think the cane is a great idea! I will have to check out your FB page to see your scarf. I think my dad had the right idea about politicians. Term limits for all and vote the whole bunch out of office! This morning when I was getting my nails done the reporter said the AZ congressman was donating his paycheck back to the state. Then there were four guys pictured who said they were keeping their's. I don't think I would admit I was a congressman right now.

I have a load of laundry to get downstairs so better keep moving. Enjoy the rest of a terrific Thursday!
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