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Hi everyone. Been a long time since posting. Like a month!! That month hasn't been particularly good to me/us. Weight loss...Hahahahahah! Yeah, right! That hasn't happened! DH father passed away unexpectedly. Kids lost a Grandma too the day before. Work is stressful. I am strong and probably a little more stubborn and set in my ways than they expect. Vacation is planned for Cancun Jan 12-19th...just across the water from Reda in Cozumel. I'll wave at you!! I have a favorite store in Cozumel to buy purses...$20 name brand, genuine Mexican Coach with free tequila shots with every purchase!! Next vacation is next spring/summer to Colorado on the motorcycles--2 weeks in Colorado and the Rockies. At least that is what DH wold like to do. He did get a 2014 HD Ultra Classic Limited--he likes it. (I would HOPE $o)

Wow...I've caught up a bit--I was way behind! Congrats Dawn!!! You sound very happy!! Everyone else sounds very busy! Summers always are! Looking much more like Fall around here. Leaves are changing. Chilly in morning and evenings. Beautiful all during the day while I'm working! THIS is why some people like second or third shift I bet!

Heading to MN this weekend for a wedding. Just had a Thirty-one show. Sold $800 got $300 free with double bonus month! SCORE! Had a good time wildly picking over-priced goodies for myself with no regard to the cost!! DD got a couple things she liked too. It was great incentive for me to clean the house and rearrange furniture they way I like it. DH and I have a difference of opinion on furniture layout. I like it all open to the kitchen/dining. He likes the windows without any furniture in front of them. Can't have it both ways with the furniture we have! Only 2 choices--my way or his.

Take care. I'll check in sooner next time. Shower and bed calling me!

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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