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I'm doing ok. Tarabella - great idea of palm cards, I will use that one, also the thoughts on taking it one day at a time.

Luzitania, I read (don't know how to do links, maybe someone can tell me) on a weight loss doctors blog that his No. 1 skill for weight loss is 'picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and carrying on' I'm not sure if it is the No 1 skill, but I think it is a good one.

Mrs Snark, its so strange that we overeat, feel so horrible afterwards or the next day (bloated, foggy, lethargic etc) - yet somehow do it again. I'm still trying to figure that out. Many diet books, willpower books etc recommend meditation as a fantastic tool - I had forgotten about that, and have never done it, but now will try it.

Thanks, Tyla for your support and enthusiasm
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