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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a breezy cool morning but supposed to hit the 85 degree mark this afternoon. Rain is predicted to begin tonight and for the next three days. It's a little late to help the crops and will keep farmers out of the fields. Bob just left for the farm and hoping to get quite a bit done before the rain, if it even happens. I have bell practice later this afternoon, laundry, and the usual clutter piles. I need to look at recipes because I am co-hostess for a meeting on Monday and have to provide treats which is a couple different choices of cookies and/or bars.

Susan -- I am so sorry about your leg! I hope the swelling is down and it is feeling better. I know you will enjoy the First Thursday Bee and weekend retreat. Have fun!

Maggie -- I thought you had a red Jeep! It sounds like you are all set for your trip. I hope you have a great time! I'm glad your back is feeling better, but continue to be careful!

"Gma" -- I had to chuckle at your hair feeling like cobwebs. Spooky feeling in the night I'm sure. You've worked hard to get rid of 65#s and should be very proud of yourself! Does Tricare limit the number of times Jack can visit a cardiologist? That just doesn't seem right! Are welfare checks going out during the shut down? I'm so sick of watching people pay cash for beer and cigarettes then use our tax money for groceries, and evidently now there is no regulations as to what they can buy. I know it used to be staples like bread, milk, cheap cereal, and macaroni.

I need to get busy and accomplish something today! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!
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