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So many kind, supportive comments here. Thank you, Rhonda, for your insight on photography and how difficult it is to capture real beauty. I have missed this site, and I have missed you.

Trazey, you are absolutely right. It is not shocking to me that overweight people are treated badly. And, quite frankly, there's a part of me that recognizes marketing the pretty young lawyer is good for business, and doesn't object to it. But knowing it does not mean that it's okay. And it bothers me when this superficiality invades my domain to the extent it did that day. I get that I have to be not just better, but significantly better, to warrant the same respect. But, in this arena, I feel like I am significantly better. So, pardon my outrage if you think it smacks of naivete, but this is not okay. It does not make me feel "less than." It does not surprise me. But I am offended by it. Just as I am offended by the many subtle (and occasional not-so-subtle) displays of sexism as I practice in my chosen field. I don't rail against them publicly (because even people like you, who know exactly how it feels, think it comes across as whiny and excuse-making), but it makes me all that much more determined to be so good at what I do that it helps to dispel the horrible assumptions about both women and fat people.
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