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Originally Posted by AnnRue View Post
I am excited to find out about the simple diet book. I think perhaps when I was maintaining I was doing something similar. Though I haven't gotten it yet.

For me, I get the feeling HMR doesn't care all that much about advertising or getting people for the program. I could be wrong.
You're not wrong. HMR (historically at least) has not considered the end user as their direct customer. As a result, their advertising and marketing is directed at medical community (the administrators of hospital, medical schools, and other medical service organizations).

The food products, program guidelines and class materials are provided by HMR (usually sold to the hospitals, clinics, and medical schools) but the classes are run and overseen by the administration and staff of the organizations that buy the HMR products and services). As a result, the quality of the support available (and even the variety and possibly prices of HMR products available) can variety tremendously from location to location. In the late 80's and 90's, when I was first introduced to HMR through two separate hospital programs , one hospital program charged nearly twice what another did. If I remember correctly, entrees started at $3.50 to$4.50 in the cheaper program so it's nice to know that the pricing has actually come down (accounting for inflation).

Whether the pricing is still inconsistent from location to location, I couldn't say.

I have noticed that the HMR website is starting to include more and more end-user focused information, so all this may change in the future.

If you happen to be on Medicare, there are some recent changes that will completely cover the cost of medical supervision for weight loss if it's provided by your primary care physician. Weekly appointments are covered at first, then twice monthly, then monthly. I believe it's written so that coverage continues as long as you are losing. If you fail to lose after 3 months there are some additional restrictions.
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