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Originally Posted by Underwater View Post
I lost my last 60 lbs on HMR and still go to the Phase 2 (Maintenance) classes.
Wow. you look amazing Underwater. I had a similar change in my face. I am excited to find out about the simple diet book. I think perhaps when I was maintaining I was doing something similar. Though I haven't gotten it yet.

For me, I get the feeling HMR doesn't care all that much about advertising or getting people for the program. I could be wrong. I wish I had known about it before hand. They don't really advertise and every time I go the class is full. The only thing that gives me pause is that the employees move on frequently.

I am unsure if I am going to continue with HMR this time around. Since they don't want to give me medical monitoring I feel a bit like what is the point? I could go to weight watchers to get the accountability. (but do HMR at home) but I am staying for the moment. Why mess with what worked for me.

I did decision free and dropped 10 lbs my first week. I lost about 3 lbs almost every week for the first two months. It slowed after that but was still strong.

One more thing I would add. I find that once you go on decision free and have been "in the box" -- for a while.. the idea of cheating does not seem as appetizing. I would call this the HMR effect. I can't tell if it is the food or the idea that I don't want to ruin things... but it keeps me doing something I can't do normally, not cheat.

One reason I am looking into the simple diet plan (though I don't have the book yet) is that I am truely getting sick of the HMR food. I know there are a thousand recipes but I can just tell my body is getting stick of the food.
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