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I agree with everything you said, with one small correction.

The Simple Diet guidelines for entrees matches HMR guidelines exactly (they were designed to) so the calorie level is actually the same. If a dinner exceeds 300 calories, it's not allowed.

The average calorie allotment for a TSD entree is 220 calories.

Shakes 100-200 calories (averaging 150), 10-26g protein, less than 6g fat
Entrees 140-300 calories (averaging 220) 10-25 g protein, less than 9g fat

ALL HMR products fit into the TSD protocol by design.

Dr. Anderson, who wrote the book is a weight loss researcher and the research he cites in support of the TSD protocol is exactly that found on the HMR protocol. The nutrition is identical.

While this is obvious to anyone who is familiar with HMR when they read The Simple Diet book, it is not mentioned in the book.

I did read on another weight loss site that Dr Anderson has come out recently on his facebook page admitting the connection to HMR.

I haven't actually read this admission, but it would be difficult for him to deny, considering that much of the research he conducted or cites, used HMR products.

Another big stressing point for TSD (other than the same "eat more" philosophy of eating more freggies or even an extra shake or entree rather than eat off plan) is that of being accountable to someone on a regular basis.

This part is very difficult for folks with virtually no money, because family are often not the best support. The book does give helpful suggestions.

I understand why HMR can not endorse the book, and why Dr. Anderson did not make the connection clear in the book, but anyone familiar with HMR (as I have been for decades) can't miss the connection.

Much of what's written in the book is virtually point-for-point what you will find on the HMR website. If it were any closer there would probably cause for a plagiarism (except that information cannot be owned, only the literal expression of it. The words, not the ideas.)
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