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Originally Posted by AnnRue View Post
Yes me. I am on it now again and I lost 50 lbs last year on it. And kept it off. I just want to lose the last 20. Personally you can't shut me up about it. I tried everything and went into HMR being sure it wouldn't work. But it did and then some.

For me, though I am glad about the "simple diet" I find HMR totally reasonably priced and I would imagine the cost would be about the same. Also, I like the HMR is medically monitored so I can be aggressive. I also like the HMR entrees that don't have to be refrigerated.

Good points, especially about the medical monitoring. The Simple Diet authors stress the importance of close medical supervision. It is NOT considered an optional part of the program (even though many folks will treat it as such).

Personally, there's no way for me to afford Medifast, Optifast, Ideal Protein, HMR or even Nashua brand products and the medical supervision, and I believe strongly that the medical supervision is the most important part.

As for products that do not require refrigeration, there are many grocery store products, even entrees that meet TSD requirements that do not require refrigeration. Some are even listed in the book.

I do disagree that the costs are similar. You can choose grocery store products that cost as much or more than HMR, but if you're a careful shopper and take advantage of sales you can spend as little as 1/4 the cost. If you also make some of your own food (matching the nutritional guidelines) you can save a lot more.

For example, I make my own protein-boosted yogurt that matches TSD (and therefore HMR) guidelines and the cost is less than 50 cents per shake (75 cents with frozen strawberries).

If I bought my whey protein in larger quantities, I could save even more.

If you shop Walmart or Aldi, you can find "entrees" as low as 88 cents.

The main downside of TSD over HMR and other meal replacement plans is all the extra time you need to spend in the grocery store, and the math you need to be able to keep in your head (or take with you).

It is easier to let HMR or a similar company do all that work for you. It can even be cost effective (depending on how much value you put on your time), but if HMR is way out of your budget, you aren't SOL.

If you have a lot more time than money (as hubby and I do) and a good understanding of basic math and basic nutrition, you can duplicate the essential aspects of HMR on your own, without The Simple Diet book. The book does give you some short cuts and does a lot of the math for you, so it's a compromise between choosing HMR or another plan and doing it all, entirely on your own.

Running out of money is one of the most common reason people drop out of HMR and similar programs. Even simply knowing there is a less expensive option that literally can fit every budget, offers a "safety net" for tough times (even if you never have to use it).
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