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The Meal to Go isn't very Medifast-compatible. Without the milk, the protein content is only 5g and the sugar/carb counts are very high (17g of sugar and 27g total, 22g net).

Once you add the milk, the calories are about twice that of Medifast and the sugar content jumps to a whopping 30g and total carbs to 39g.

Made with water, it contains too much sugar and not enough protein. Made with milk it has too many calories and even more sugar.

You would be better off (and closer to Medifast nutrition) to just have a plain glass of skim, 1%, or 2% milk and skip the shake packet altogether. Even whole milk would be a better choice. Add a bit of Torani or DaVinci syrup and you've got a "smoothie." In the blender with a little ice and you've got a shake.

For all meal replacement plan substitutions, I would recommend comparing and matching on calorie, protein, net carbs, sugar, fat, and fiber (in roughly that order of importance).

If it doesn't match on at least the top three: calories, protein, net carbs (carbs minus fiber), I personally wouldn't consider it.

An 8oz glass of 1% milk would have
100-110 calories
8-9 g protein
13g of carbs (all from sugar, but it is naturally occurring milk sugar, not added sugar)
2.5 g of fat

A little low on protein, but if you had a 12 oz glass instead, I think it would match even better

150 calories
12-13g protein
17g carbs
4g fat
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