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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
JohnP you misconstrued my context comment somewhat. First to admit overall sweetener consumption is key. But i continue to think there is much more to the context of HFCS than just 55% or often 60% plus fructose. To you it seems that is all, to me it is a Franken-sweetener until proven otherwise.
I don't disagree with you. I merely think that mercury contamination and greater than 55% concentration in HFCS are a seperate conversation which is why I haven't been addressing them. No question - if manufacturers of HFCS are contaminating the product with mercury or going over the max allowed fructose content they should be punished/penalized or shut down.

To be clear - when I say context I mean that in the sense of the individual. Two extreme examples would be Kaplods for whom even a small amount of sugar is bad - on the other end would be a bodybuilder doing a carb load and might consume 150g of sugar in a day.
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