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I haven't posted in any of the onederland threads yet, but that is definitely a big goal of mine. I honestly don't remember the last time I weighed under 200 pounds. I was a kid, that's how long it has been. I still have 50 pounds to go, but I really want to stay on track and live a healthier life. This year I've done so well at staying active. I started zumba classes the end of january and I LOVE it! I try to go all 4 days each week and I truly hate it when I have to miss a class or if they don't have it due to a holiday. I've never had an exercise routine that I truly enjoyed. It's hard, especially in the beginning, I sweat my butt off for an hour. It's so worth it though. It has really helped me get more active. I have more energy and I don't mind taking the stairs anymore I'm a stronger and happier person. Unfortunately doing zumba alone didn't cause weight loss. I did it for months and actually just gained weight. I started dieting again mid June and I lost all the weight I had gained back since I gave up during the holidays last year. Now I've reached a new low and I'm back on track. 14 more pounds and I'll reach the 100 pound lost and then my next goal is onederland!

I also use my fitness pal and I think it really helps. I'm actually doing weight watchers again, so I also have a points tracker on my phone as well, but I like the features of mfp and I like to see the calories as well as the points.

I was on the Atkins diet from July 2011 to October 2012 and I lost 73 pounds. October 15, 2012 started WW's and got down to 255. Gained 25 pounds through the holidays, but got back on track June 2013. Got off track through the holidays again and gained back 10+ pounds

I will continue my journey to the end, no matter how long that takes.
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