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Are you using shakes only?

I ask, because The Simple Diet (written by Dr James Anderson and dietician Nancy Gustafson) is an at-home clone of HMR's basic program (3 shakes or other meal replacements , 2 small entrees (frozen dinners), 5+ freggie servings, and a weekly exercise goal of 2000 calories burned).

Depending on your choices, the calorie intake on this plan can be as low as 580 calories (if you choose the lowest calorie shake, entree options) plus the freggie calories If you choose the highest calorie shakes and entrees, the calorie level will be 1200 plus your freggie calories.

If you choose low calorie freggies such as greens and berries, your veggie calories do not have to add up to more than 100 calories, but even if you choose higher calorie options, you can keep the count under 250 quite easily.

So 800 calories is very doable and you get to eat a hot meal or two.

The Simple Diet is identical to HMR's basic plan, except you use calorie, fat, and protein guidelines to choose products that match HMR nutrition, but that can be found in grocery and drug stores.

Just putting it out there because if you don't find enough support from folks using brand-name products, you'd be welcome in the "Dr. Anderson's Simple Diet thread."

The plan guidelines are posted in the thread, so you don't have to read the book, but I'd recommend it any way, as it's very helpful, especially in understanding why HMR/The Simple Diet works so well.

The book never claims to be an HMR clone, or even mentions HMR by name, but to anyone familiar with the HMR program, it's quite obvious that "The Simple Diet" is an HMR clone.
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