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Applause! Thank you! I really hate it when someone is trying to make a point and someone else comes along and tries to make people feel stupid.

Am I the only one who does all the reading, takes in all the information and then doesn't give a damn about it? I don't need no stupid study to tell me what's good for me and what's not. You'd have to be an idiot to think that HFCS is good for you or any modified crop or any processed food. I very much align myself with Dr. Lustig's findings. Does that mean I don't eat sugar? Well no it doesn't, and I'm sure Lustig eats sugar too. But the way it's made me understand the effect of sweeteners on my body is priceless. I have come such a long way from feeling worthless and unmotivated, from feeling like my cravings meant that I was flawed, that I was a lazy slob, that I didn't have the ability to change my weight/eating. The knowledge of how sugar affects me let me know exactly that food has a direct impact on my body, on my cravings and on my actions. If I'm jonesing for a cookie it doesn't mean I'm a weak willed person.... it just means I've overloaded on carbs and that overload has led to more cravings.

OP, if you know and believe that HFCS is not good for you or your family, spend the time needed to monitor your family's food. Work with the school board to remove unhealthy foods from the lunch menu, don't buy boxed treats for your kids, we need to generate a society that thinks about what they put in their bodies, rather than continuing to eat junk food and waiting for some miraculous moment where our government is going to take care of us and help us overcome the overexposure to processed foods. When the FDA is in bed with lobbies there's not much being done for us, we must do for ourselves. I sure as heck am not waiting around for someone to tell me HFCS is bad for me or worse than sugar because I don't need that information to make stay away from it.
I could not agree more about understanding sugar/carbs and the effects it had. I could never understand how I could have a huge 1000 calorie plus meal at a fast food restaurant and be hungry so soon again. It was difficult for a bit to lower my carbs, but so worth it. We don't buy bread or pasta anymore. I haven't had a candy bar or much fast food since May. Fries maybe 3 times, but not as many as before, a shared small Five Guys with 3 people. Whereas before I probably had a medium by myself.

In any event the last 100 years is riddled with products that have turned out to be deadly. Often the industries know about it, but of course, profits overrule everything. I don't know HFCS is in this category, but as pointed out avoiding HFCS means avoiding a lot of processed food so it is a good thing anyway.

I will say to JohnP that dose and context matter. Speaking of context, I am not a biochemist, but I am not willing to say that HFCS is just different in the 55% to 50%. Way too many unknowns to say that is the only difference. Besides industry has no qualms about putting out 60% to 65% HFCS and even as high as 90% HFCS.

I personally don't think the lower cost was the whole story. I think industry found something even more addictive (sweeter) than sugar and ran with it for all the dollar signs in the world. And it was/is part of the obesity and diabetes 'epidemic'.
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