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Good morning, Tammy! Sounds like a nice day ahead!
I have today off too. DH had a procedure done on his knee yesterday so I am home today to take care of him.
Linda, it's good to hear that your life is about as glamorous as mine!

Looks to be another sunny day here. I will attend to a few niggles, plus I have a doctor appt this afternoon.

I'm one of those beachers obsessed with the scale; weigh myself everyday. I am used to the daily fluctuations and know that over the course of a month I move up and down within about a 3 pound range. I am quite happy that in the last few weeks my range seems to be shifting down a tad. I don't know if I will make my September goal, but it feels good to see a little downward movement. One might think that summer produce would encourage OP eating but I find instead there is a lot of treats and eating out. Getting back into a routine is really helpful.

Enough of that! Time for more coffee. Have a good one ladies!

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