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Originally Posted by mariposssa View Post
But, I will choose to take my advice from this doctor who specializes in pediatric endocrinology and obesity. I believe him when he says fructose, glucose, sucrose and HFCS are not equal in the body and/or liver. When you are taking advice from the internet; you should definitely consider the source and review the information yourself rather than just from random posters on a forum.
Fortunately no one is saying that fructose, glucose, sucrose and HFCS are equal in the body. That would be a demonstration of ignorance.

The issue at hand in this thread is not sugar, it is HFCS vs sugar. Everyone on this thead agrees that too much sugar or HFCS is bad. Where we seem to disagree is if HFCS is bad in any quantities or not as well as if HFCS is in large part responsible for the obesity epidemic.

As for Lustig, he has done a lot to raise the awareness of sugar which is great. Sadly his video ignores the fact that the dangers of fructose depend entirely on context and dose. I'm not going to bother educating you on the subject. You just go ahead and keep on believing that fructose is evil because Lustig says it is and ignore the evidence that dose and context matter.
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