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Originally Posted by konablue View Post
JohnP- Didn't realize Princeton was devoid of "actual experts". Thank you for setting me straight.
You asked for my thoughts on the study. I gave them. I then linked the thoughts of an actual expert on the same study. Obviously you have not read the Princton study, nor the discection of the study. I was not insinuating that Princeton has no experts. I was merely pointing out that my thoughts are pretty meaningless as I am not an expert.

Speaking of the Princton study, I'm certain Princeton does have plenty of experts but if you actually look at the data in the study you have no choice but to question the conclusion that the blogsphere ran with.

Here are some questions for you. Do you believe that smart people who do studies have no bias? Do you think experts on a topic matter are imune to bias? Do you think sarcasm is a good way to communicate and forward your beliefs?
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