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I will first admit that I haven't read all of the responses and/or links; but I have considered the research, articles, and video lectures of Dr Robert Lustig. He stated quite clearly in the Sugar: The Bitter Truth lecture (on youtube) that all sugars are not equal in the stomach and especially not in the liver. Fructose is particularly toxic in the liver; more so than other types of sugars and almost equal to alcohol.

That lecture is a long and quite scientific discussion which I listened to in its entirety-88 minutes--admitedly it was several weeks ago. But, I will choose to take my advice from this doctor who specializes in pediatric endocrinology and obesity. I believe him when he says fructose, glucose, sucrose and HFCS are not equal in the body and/or liver. When you are taking advice from the internet; you should definitely consider the source and review the information yourself rather than just from random posters on a forum.

ETA: I believe that sugar is toxic (all of it regardless of type) which is why I limit all types and practice a lowish/moderate carb diet.

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