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Originally Posted by konablue View Post
HFCS vs. table sugar

I have a degree in Biology but am not a scientist. I do think that the folks at Princeton conducted a fairly good study on HFCS.

Thoughts JohnP? (Happy to find more if you're interested.)
This is the third time this study has been referenced in this thread. Twice by diamondgeog and now by you.

My thoughts are already in this thread.

Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
3) Many studies are showing it is more addictive than sugar. Is this a fact? I'm not aware of this fact. If you want to have a reasonable discussion you need to drop the hyperbole or link up these studies so we can see them. I would define many as three or more but post as many as you want. Before posting you may want to actually read the study or at least have a true understanding of what the study does and doesn't say. The Princton study is a perfect example. Many people tout it as demonstrating something that it does not. It's mind boggling that apparently no one has even read it. They just read the conclusion where the scientists seemingly ignored their own data. Plus, we're not rats.
I also posted a much more detailed analysis of the study by an actual expert.

Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
this is a good article that addresses fructose metabolism and the afformentioned rat study.
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