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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
3) Many studies are showing it is more addictive than sugar. Is this a fact? I'm not aware of this fact. If you want to have a reasonable discussion you need to drop the hyperbole or link up these studies so we can see them. I would define many as three or more but post as many as you want. Before posting you may want to actually read the study or at least have a true understanding of what the study does and doesn't say.
Your response?

Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
I will try and find more links on the addiction side.

Now those are all referencing the same paper. Bottomline for me is a lot of unknowns. In 100% agreement overall carbs/sweeteners of all type should be the main focus.
Are you sure you have a science background. You were supposed to find a study where HFCS was more addicting than sugar. (You claim there are many)

Instead you come up with a study that shows HFCS is addicting to rats. Did you read the study? Did you even read the articles you linked? The 30 seconds I spent reading the article says the study never compares HFCS to sugar. Instead it is compared to saccharine. No surprise the rats preferred HFCS to saccharine.

The good news? It makes a great headline. HFCS is as addicting as cocaine.

Ya - sure it is.
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