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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post

And as far as context making a difference, fructose from fruit and from HFCS is a different context and extremely likely it is getting processed differently and having different overall impacts.
While fructose from fruit and fructose from HFCS aren't exactly processed differently, the fiber in fruit (and vegetables) certainly slows down the absorption rate which, if nothing else, is easier on your pancreas. All sugars, once they get down to glucose level, are process in the same way, however, as anyone with a lactose intolerance will tell you, getting them down to that stage does require different chemical processes.

This is, mostly, an argument that can't really be won as we simply don't know enough about exactly how different substances are processed by the body or how different bodies work. I suspect that at some point in the future, most health conscious folks will go back to sweetening everything with molasses, in the same way that butter is having a massive resurgence. We are, probably, better off eating as much as possible in as natural a form as possible.
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