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From the Wall Street Journal link above.

"Currently the US Food and Drug Administration's legal limit on the fructose content of HFCS is 55 percent, but recent studies have shown fructose levels in popular soft drink brands exceed the legal amount. The Corn Refiners Association, which represents the producers of HFCS, has acknowledged that a version of HFCS with 90 percent fructose has been in use for decades, even though it has never been tested for safety or approved by the FDA."

The Corn Refiners Association acknowledged the use of 90% HFCS use.....

So this thread has helped me. And I appreciate all the comments I really do. And if it has helped one other person start looking up stuff on HFCS then it has been worth it.

The Science 2.0 link is interesting because at the bottom are more links. Some saying no difference which I read. Then at the end of that link one of the links was to a study saying yes impactful differences. So it is still being debated in labs and in message boards.

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