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Here is where we agree. We don't know, for sure, how much difference it makes that HFCS has replaced sugar in many processed products. The research that has been done so far has been inconclusive because it is very difficult to seperate out the impact of one thing when there are so many things that contribute to the obesity epidemic.

On the other hand you're putting out spurious information as if it were factual.

1) You find zero evidence to dismiss HFCS as just like sugar. That's because you're reading in the wrong places or ignoring any information that doesn't agree with your already made up mind.

2) It isn't bonded the same. Correct it is not bonded the same. Once it hits the stomach those bonds are undone and it makes no difference. This isn't up for dispute. You may as well argue against the moon landing my friend.

3) Many studies are showing it is more addictive than sugar. Is this a fact? I'm not aware of this fact. If you want to have a reasonable discussion you need to drop the hyperbole or link up these studies so we can see them. I would define many as three or more but post as many as you want. Before posting you may want to actually read the study or at least have a true understanding of what the study does and doesn't say. The Princton study is a perfect example. Many people tout it as demonstrating something that it does not. It's mind boggling that apparently no one has even read it. They just read the conclusion where the scientists seemingly ignored their own data. Plus, we're not rats.

Then, and most importantly in my opinion, it comes down to dose and context. Yes, fructose is not processed the same as other sugars but in the context of a person who isn't consuming the SAD it doesn't matter because that person's gylocogen stores are filled up 24/7. In the context of a person who is active and not sedentary it doesn't matter for the same reason. Only when liver glycogen is full and fructose continues to be dealt with does it make any difference at all. If you don't know what I'm talking about here than you need to get a handle on it because it makes a big difference in understanding why I keep telling you that dose and context matter.

I'd invite you to read Alan Aragon's take on it because he and Dr Lustig engage in a bit of debate on the subject. Warning: your current belief system will be challenged.
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