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You are welcome. I have learned a lot from the other posters and I thank them for expressing their points of views.

Of course I am one person with my particular body chemistry. But when I was eating fast food I always remember thinking, especially at McDonald's that they were putting 'stuff' in their food. It didn't taste that good going down but I had really strong urges to eat it again and soon.

It could be that it was more of everything than a snack and the more was the addictive trigger. I am not sure.

I was eating snacks and sweets at the time also. But it was noticeably a notch up with a visit to McDonald's. It was more addictive than other kinds of 'junk food'. Was it that there was even more HFCS in a meal there compared to the other sweet things I was eating at the time? Of course I can't say yes, or for sure. But it would be foolish and irresponsible to rule that possibility out at this point, for me.

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