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Not sure if you are still reading the thread or not. But if you think I was ever stating, yahoo, sugar is so much better than HFCS go out and down a case of Dublic Dr. Pepper. No way.

Michael Pollan was concerned about this. That food manufactures were almost now promoting sugar as a health food. Look its better than HFCS. I do think its the lesser of two EVILS. Both evil. I am not saying sugar is good, never ever would say that. I don't think the message of people concerned about HFCS is that sugar is good.

For instance you would never catch me with Youplait. I have Greek yoghourt with some agave in it. If I am going to have something sweet, which is less and less, I do vastly prefer sugar to HFCS. I also do cook with butter. I am not going to eliminate it but when I use something I prefer it be as 'natural' and 'whole' as possible.
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