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Correlation and causation aren't the same thing. Although the UK isn't as monocultural as it used to be, we don't have as wide or the same ethnic mix as the US. For example, I've never met a British born person of Mexican heritage and those of Mexican heritage are more likely to develop diabetes that the indigenous population of the UK. There is also a smaller proportion of folks of Asian, Middle Eastern and African heritage, all of whom are more likely to develop diabetes. Genetics also play a big part in who develops diabetes and if the UK has a smaller pool of people with a genetic pre-disposition to diabetes, no matter what rubbish we eat, we are less likely to develop it.
Good points.

All of those things are true regarding portion size, TV, etc. I do think it is still an accelerating treadmill though that with the changes in diet you are vastly more tired and prone to not exercise. And then you get into that downward spiral, regardless of TV or computer availability. I can read for hours each night very happily.

BTW I am currently exercising more than I ever have in my life, with a young daughter and more time with her than previous family commitments say a decade ago. What gave, mostly, was TV watching. I have less free time but more exercise. I know choices...choices. But changing diet made exercise a lot more doable/achievable.
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