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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
But they are connected. What if we eat more because HFCS/sugar foods increase our appetities even though we have had a lot of calories already? And then we don't have any energy because of these bad diet choices?

Why are we eating more and exercising less? Did a whole nation all of a sudden decide to do this?
Yes, I think we did. Socially, our lives revolve more around food now. High calorie food is more abundant than it was 50 years ago for a large number of the population. People eat out more, and the portion sizes of the plates we receive when we eat out has gotten larger. The food industry, especially snack foods, have really just become the massive, global industry that it is in the past 70 years, giving us a large amount of choice at an affordable price. For low-income households, palatable and affordable food is often high in calories, and from what I know from myself as well as from what I've seen on this site, there is also a huge knowledge gap for most people in society on health. This is fueled, in part, by a fairly absurd weight loss industry.

As far as exercise goes, I think the invention of the television (and the absurd amount of choice in entertainment now) and the computer (and all that now comes with that) has probably greatly attributed to a lack of regular movement.

I admit, I have no science to back this up, and as stated earlier, correlation is not causation. I don't think it's a stretch to say that these are the trends that we have seen in society over time, however.

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