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Read the article, now, correct for calling me out on not reading it. One of the bottom comments stated that:

It is much more important to look at the big picture; keep your physical activity high, manage your overall food intake, make sure most of your food is from minimally refined sources.

I could not agree more with that. So yes overall consumption of sweeteners is the 'big problem'. I think it is way too premature to say that HFCS isn't additionally harmful however. Something is acidic or basic if it has more hydrogen ions or more OH ions. So something being roughly the same is not equivalent. You also have the potential problems of how HFCS is created in the first place.

HFCS is sweeter, we don't fully understand its effect on appetite as compared to sugar. If it is actually processed the same, etc. And also importantly, I personally think very importantly, studies now showing HFCS might be more addicting than sugar is even. Given how much moderation is important to you John I would think that would be extra disturbing.

I don't think we are exactly talking in circles but I still find zero evidence to say HFCS is just like sugar. Seems like there are just as much if not more assumptions on the it is just sugar side.

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