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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
JohnP everything I have read, and I have a science background, was a science teacher, M.S. yada yada is that it is very much not the same. I'd like to say it was a difference of opinion, but chemistry is chemistry. How can it be the same?
Your background might be science based but in this thread you are getting a solid F when it comes to research.

I linked an article that discects the princton study and discuusses fructose metabolism. You don't read it and post a crap blog article that merely references the princton artcile and reads like the National Enquirer.

If you were still a teacher and had a student that didn't read his homework what grade would you give them?

I'm afraid this will be my last post on the subect as you will ignore any evidence that is contrary to your beliefs. If you want to do your homework maybe we can discuss the matter.

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