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I really hope Wannabe and JohnP you read the Princeton link and then tell me you think they are the same. I'd like them to be the same. Because I probably had way too many for way too many decades. But that does not seem to be the case. Clearly to me, obviously not as clearly to you.


Did you read my post? I was kind of agreeing with you yet you're arguing with me. They are not the same in chemical structure. To ME however, I treat all sugars the same ---> as evil. I think a lot of people get held up on the notion that something that is labeled as "naturally sweetened" or "no artificial sweeteners" and think that it's healthy. Wrong. All sweeteners in all its forms leads to health problems. All of them. We single out each and every one of them and toot its faults. At the moment you are singling out HFCS. I have no reason to disagree that it is worse than sugar, it wouldn't take much to convince me. I make no case on behalf of HFCS. I'm just pointing out that there is danger in singling out one form of sugar because I'm afraid it will turn people on to a different sugar and at the end of the day I believe all sugar is bad.

“If you try to lose weight by shaming, depriving and fearing yourself, you will end up shamed, deprived, and afraid.” Geneen Roth
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