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Well we have that link I put up earlier that diabetes rates are 20% higher in the US than UK.

Ok so there is over-consumption of sweeteners in both countries. But in the US it is way more HFCS. In the UK way more sucrose. 20% higher why?

Well here you go. Princeton University BTW.

It is true that some researchers thought there was no difference at one point. I doubt most still think that. I find little evidence from the information and newer studies that are available that they are the same. Still not sure how you guys can support they are.

I really hope Wannabe and JohnP you read the Princeton link and then tell me you think they are the same. I'd like them to be the same. Because I probably had way too many for way too many decades. But that does not seem to be the case. Clearly to me, obviously not as clearly to you.

As I said 55% might not sound profoundly different than 50%. Being bound differently might not sound like a big difference. But sounding like a big difference or not is really beside the point isn't it? It seems like rats and human bodies (20% more diabetes) absolutely think its different.

BTW I had high stomach fat and high triglycerides. Sure overall sugar too high, but also probably HFCS as contributions as well.

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