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After having studied Dr. Lustig's findings I must agree with him that there is no difference between HFCS versus sugar, sure sugar is more natural but they both have the same effect on our bodies. I avoid HFCS as much as I can but I do not kid myself like some people do into thinking "oh this twinkie is made with real sugar, it's better for me." NO! Sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar. Whether it comes from a cookie or a piece of bread or from ketchup or from maple syrup or wherever it comes from, sweet things are pervading our culture. I refuse to believe that this is what the public wants! I refuse to believe that just because we want to eat it and we're willing to spend our money it that it's OUR fault. No, sugar addiction is not a small thing. If the industry is willing to profit from our weaknesses as humans then the government has a responsibility to step in and make some hard decisions. How come the government was willing to do this with cigarettes? How come the government was willing to do this with vaccines? The general public put up a fight like no other when it came to these inicitatives. People were in an uproar when soda machines were taken out of public schools. Now we're ok with it and probably a lot better off. Businesses were in an uproar when they were told that ice cream trucks shouldn't be waiting outside of the school at dismissal. But is it necessary to assert our freedom of commerce in this particular way? Just because you CAN make money from hundreds of school children rushing up to your ice cream truck does that mean that you should? And then blame the kid who grew up to a life of obesity for not being able to control his need for daily ice cream?

I ain't no scientist! All I know is that when I eat sugar I want more sugar, and then I want a little bit of pasta too and then throw in some dessert and then at midnight I'm hungry again. That's the power of carbs/sugar/hfcs. Call it whatever you want, there are many names for this powerful substance.

I try extremely hard not to give much money to the corn industry. Or the wheat industry. Enough is enough.

Originally Posted by shcirerf View Post
...those folks are hooked on Chinese take away, and fish and chips, pizza and lager and so on. Not much sugar in a ton of fried stuff!
Wrong, all those things you listed are carbs - which your body processes like sugar. There's a ton of sugar in chinese food by the way. Pizza dough does employ sugar in order for the yeast to activate. The sauces that are eaten with fish (tartar) and chips (ketchup) are full of sugar, as are most sauces that fried foods are paired with. Beer? lol The point is that people believe they're not eating sugar when sugar or HFCS is in practically everything.

“If you try to lose weight by shaming, depriving and fearing yourself, you will end up shamed, deprived, and afraid.” Geneen Roth

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