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JohnP everything I have read, and I have a science background, was a science teacher, M.S. yada yada is that it is very much not the same. I'd like to say it was a difference of opinion, but chemistry is chemistry. How can it be the same?

Sucrose is 50-50 fructose and glucose. HFCS is NOT. And the molecules are not bound the same. HFCS is at least 55% fructose but quite often in samples of products is 60-65% and has been found up to the 90%. It is many times sweeter than sucrose. It often contains mercury and other unknown chemicals because of the industrial manufacturing process. We can differ on what we think HFCS is doing but it is absolutely scientifically not the same.

Nor from countless scientific studies does it react and get processed and have the same effects as sugar. Obviously you would grant me that the ratio isn't the same. But then you think that is the end of the story from what I am getting. Once in just fructose and glucose, no difference. The evidence I think emphatically contradicts that viewpoint.

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