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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
JohnP you don't think HFCS and sugar are equivalent do you? And when they do chemical spectroscopy on HFCS there are a whole lot of undefined spikes that you don't get with sugar.
This is a basic biochemistry question and the answer is yes - once they hit your stomach they are exactly the same. What happens from there depends. What does it depend on? Dose and context.
I realize you have made your mind up on this issue but for those people who actually want to educate themselves this is a good article that addresses fructose metabolism and the afformentioned rat study.

I'm going to use an extreme and not scientific example to make a point. Pardon me for doing so.

"Born to Run" is a book about a group of indians that run rediculously long races and a rapid clip. Their primarily energy source is pinole (a form of corn meal.) Skinny as can be.

Corn fed cows move only when they need to and are fat and delicious to eat.

They are both eating a lot of corn but they are two different species, and have two different lifestyles, and therefore two different results.

Do you see how rediculous it is to take dose and context out of the equation?

Obesity is a multifactoral problem. It is not a HFCS problem. Your point that obesity rates are higher in the US than the UK is not evidence of anything.
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