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Originally Posted by Trudiha View Post
It's human nature to look for simple solutions and we all love a good conspiracy theory but the sad truth is that we can lose weight by eating (not many) Twinkie Bars and we can gain weight by eating (far too much) cheese made from the milk of grass fed cows, to whom lullabies are sung every night.
I agree with this. It has been my experience that I can lose weight and maintain weight loss eating ANY foods, as long as I moderate my calories. I eat a lot of grains and some starches. I don't eat many processed foods, so I assume I don't get too much HFCS, though I do sometimes use fake maple syrup on pancakes. Macronutrient composition makes no difference to my hunger or satiety levels and i don't get digestive symptoms from any foods. Of course I realize not everyone is like me, but some people are.

I believe the current obesity epidemic has many causes, an important one being the ready and cheap availability of what Dr. Kessler calls "hyperpalatable" foods. Life is stressful and people find it hard to resist these daily comforts.

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