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JohnP and Trudiha,

I get what you are both saying. Total sweeteners consumption has gone up massively. So in the US we are consuming less sugar than say 50 years ago but more sweeteners, sugar and HFCS combined.

In the UK there has been a big increase in sugar consumption, way less in HFCS.

But interestingly diabetes rates in the US are 20% higher than the UK which is quite significant.

JohnP you don't think HFCS and sugar are equivalent do you? And when they do chemical spectroscopy on HFCS there are a whole lot of undefined spikes that you don't get with sugar.

Arctic the statement about your husband makes me think it is exactly the same as someone who smoked a pack a day living to 90 and not getting lung cancer. Sure it can happen. But what does that prove? And perhaps that person would have lived to 100 without smoking. Agree with you about sugar.

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