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Well Artic not everyone has the ability to choose like you might. You maybe in a situation that allows you to avoid HFCS. Others aren't. I don't think they matter less. Kids on free lunches as their only option don't deserve to have HFCS.

I will 'demonize' food producers if they try to suppress science, mislead people, etc. Just like cigarette companies did. Why did the corn growers want to be able to use corn syrup instead of high fructose corn syrup? They wanted to INTENTIONALLY mislead people.

When you decide to make your money by misleading people and lying then you are going way beyond the scope of minimum obligations to your customers and society. You aren't just trying to sell your product, you are lying about your product to sell it.

Re: the UK. I watched the documentary The Men Who Made Us Fat. Pretty much the history of obesity in the UK. And as JohnP and yourself both correctly pointed out portion is huge. But the UK I bet has MANY snacks with HFCS in it. Whereas 50 years ago there would have been no HFCS at all, it didn't exist.

So why are people eating more now? Of course HFCS isn't the only cause but it can be a huge one. Also Britain isn't quite as overweight as the U.S. So that actually BACKS up HFCS as being a huge cause. Why is the UK getting overweight but not quite as fat or fast as the U.S.? Perhaps because slightly less exposure to HFCS?

It is also plausible that even relatively low levels of HFCS interact very badly in people. So the UK has gone from no HFCS 50 years ago (because it didn't exist) to some levels of HFCS for most of the UK population. Not as much as the US but some. Again it is an experiment that I choose not to be part of as much as possible and I am thankful I have some resources to allow that. Even so it is not easy as it seems to be everywhere now.

I can't say for sure it is the 'main cause' or a 'big part' of obesity, although there does seem to be a lot of compelling information and studies. But no one else can say definitely that it isn't. It very well could be. Including what is going on in the UK.

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