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Of course portions are important. But there were Princeton studies with rats and they had the same amount of calories but one group had only sugar and one group had only HFCS.

The HFCS group gained more weight. And that is when consuming the SAME amount. There are a lot of studies that HFCS makes you hungrier than sugar. It just is not being processed the same way in the body and it is not impacting insulin levels exactly the same.

Again I think the evidence is overwhelming HFCS is a very deadly product and at the least it is NOT sugar. And everyone is not the same. I probably dodged a huge bullet not developing diabetes without starting to get healthy until being at 48. But how much longer would I have dodged that bullet? I am more than willing to avoid corn syrup, pay more, eat out less. Easy decision for me personally after reading about it.

BTW many more current studies are showing mercury in HFCS. Because it is produced in an industrial process the ability to extract the fructose from sugar often results in mercury being added. No thanks to HFCS BTW it is going to be interesting in Mexico. HFCS consumption is going down in the U.S. but is going up by almost equal amounts in Mexico. Childhood obesity just recently saw its first downturn in decades in the US. So it will be interesting to see. But I am opting OUT of the HFCS experiment. Let that author do it, not me.

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