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Default HFCS one of the worse things ever for weight gain/obesity/bad health?

I've had a lot of success reducing carbs, especially fast food carbs, bread, pasta, etc. I've learned a lot about high fructose corn syrup the past few months. I am NOT an expert, and far from knowing the 'truth'. But what I have found, at least me personally, I am combing every label and it it has it that product is done. And because I don't know for sure with restaurants, that is added incentive to not go out.

What I have learned is HFCS is NOT sugar or table sugar. HFCS is NOT natural even though it claims to be. It is created soley in an industrial process it does not exist in nature. Things are rarely this simple BUT the increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and general bad health for Americans is temporally correlated with HFCS explosion. We ignore that correlation as individuals and society at our own risk.

So HFCS is glucose and fructose. So is sucrose or table sugar. But sucrose is a 50-50 ratio. HFCS is not. Corn industry groups say it is 55% fructose. But studies have routinely found 60 to 65% common and as high as 90% fructose.

HFCS also doesn't bond the glucose and fructose the same way nature does. Finally the industrial manufacturing process for HFCS often adds mercury and other unknown chemicals. At least with sugar you know what you are getting.

These seem like subtle differences but they have PROFOUND implications. HFCS possibly makes you a lot hungrier than eating sugar does. It doesn't get processed the same way. It is NOT sugar. It is a new manufactured product that we still don't know all the negative consequences to. We do know obesity exploded at the same time its use did in the U.S. No way am I personally willing to just brush that aside.

If anyone is struggling with weight I would certainly check every product you use and throw at any with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. Again that is just me. I would also lobby your school district not to use HFCS products.

Here are just a couple of many articles:

I am no longer willing to be a guinea pig for corn grower profits. For me, and not saying this is truth, but for me I find the evidence overwhelming that HFCS is one of the worst and most deadly products ever introduced into our diets and I think we should all be advocating for its removal in products. Or at the least as individuals try avoiding it as much as possible.

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