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Default I just need to push it a little longer and further than ever before

Hey there ...
For third time in my life i joined a gym and I started to do several things to achieve a good shape.

It is not like i am overweight since i am 6'4" and 185lbs. But the thing is that i used to be really fat and short so there's this extra skin in my belly and that tummy form that still makes me look funny shirtless.

So then i started as before by joining a gym; but this time i am eating as much as i want since i wake up 4:30 am go the gym and start swimming for 45 min, then i take a fast shower and join a 1 hour yoga class, just after that i go and hit the Weights for another hour trying to do 8-10 reps and heavy as i can(I've learned a lot about weightlifting training in my past gym seasons)... I know i am in the good trail when i weight myself every monday and even after eating hamburgers and other high carbos at lunch i still going down on weight like 1-4lbs a week. My goal is to loose my belly fat and the flabbiness for Christmas and then start getting a clean muscle growth...

The thing here may not sound like a big deal since i am already doing something but i am a quiter and often i leave my goals in just dreams stucked in an attempt.

Maybe some tips on how to achieve or to hear that i am not alone on this would help me. Family keeps telling me that i should be grateful by not being as fat as i used to be but my goal is to be as fit as Christian Hemsworth (Thor).

Sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language, Probably i will get better here with your help.
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