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Hi alannabee,

I play around with tempeh and seitan, and I dabble in more esoteric proteins

I really like tempeh crumbled into a hash with a few quartered red potatoes and a LOT of veggies like bell pepper, mushroom, onion and tomato. It is a wonderful big breakfast but I prefer it for dinner. I make it slightly saucy with a bit of water or tomato juice, otherwise it can get a bit dry without adding oil (I only use a small amount of olive oil). Tempeh has about 200 calories per 100 grams and more protein than tofu by weight, so it's a great choice. I don't like it in big slabs or chunks, I prefer crumbles or using it like a ground meat to make veggie burger patties (add lots of veggies again, some cooked brown rice, spices and a binder like egg or a vegan sub).

Seitan lends itself well to replacing meat in most recipes, especially stir-fry, fajitas, BBQ, etc. It holds together under high heat, and will gradually take on other flavors during cooking, like in a stew. If you grill or BBQ it alone, marinate it a long time (I do it overnight if possible) to get good flavor in it. Put a bit of oil in the marinade too, it will stick like the dickens to your grill otherwise.

I too have a veg*n carb problem. All I can say is, I'm working on it. I really really love vegetables, grains and legumes, so I can feel entirely fulfilled by eating them. But the darn sugar monster attacks and sometimes I cave immediately. Work in progress, that's me.
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