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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy humid day with a few sprinkles here 'n there. Crazy weather for sure! I went to get my nails done this morning and made a WM run afterwards. Bob is out at the farm working on his tractor. He and his farmer friend went to town for lunch so won't see him till supper time. We have a meeting at church tonight; I hope it is short and sweet.

Maggie -- What did you order at the OG yesterday? That is my all time favorite place to go, probably because we don't have one here and rarely get to go. When I was working I whipped through the laundry chores on the weekend. Now I just do a load whenever, and sometimes forget it in the washer or dryer. Makes sense to me to have the laundry room closest to where the laundry originates. A mini vacation will be fun to plan. I had to chuckle about your uncle.

"Gma" -- I don't think we called those things recorders but it's been so very many years ago maybe we did. Jason loved to be read to when he was little but Beth didn't. Now her two children, especially Maddy, love to read and always have a book in hand. Jason's two have to be bribed to read during the summer. I think part of that came from Amanda going back to school and not taking the time to spend reading with them during that time. Beth does enjoy reading now however.

Susan -- The moving job will be a good one to call done! I'm sure Sandy appreciated your help. I agree about the stores not carrying clothing appropriate for "mature" ladies! There was just a picture in our local newspaper of a family. They do a feature on people new to town and include favorite recipes. Anyhow, the young mother looked very "normal" while the father is tatoos from shoulders to fingertips and who knows where else, plus earrings. He is the elementary art teacher no less! You certainly are a lady of many talents! I think you would enjoy learning to play the piano. If we ever move I plan to have another piano. We just don't have a good place for one here and the grandkids thought it was a wonderful toy to pound on.

I need to keep moving. The territory needs vacuuming so guess that will be my next project. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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