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Good afternoon, ladies. A cool 70 degrees this day. Fall is surely in the air.

I had applique bee at the library last night and tonight is applique bee at church. I'm just about done with the stitching on my current carry along project so time to think of what I'll be doing next. We got the last load from the move on Tuesday so only cleaning left there. Big sigh of relief. I went to Kohl's and JCPenny yesterday looking for some fall clothes to wear to work. I don't think they make nice things for older ladies anymore. I don't need skinny pants and tops down to my navel. Next stop will be Macy's and Belks.

Faye, I don't believe in abortion but I don't think I could give up my livelihood because the insurance I provide covers it. Your socks are always lovely.

Jean, I played violin, cello, drums, trombone and tymphani in school. I always wanted to play the piano and sometimes I think I should watch for a used one and treat myself to lessons.

Maggie, you are always cooking up something good!

Have a wonderful day!

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