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I have this very problem. I have been able to squish my all day long always hungry feeling and can do great with my calories, but come night time I just can't get through the evening without at least one snack. When I first started calories counting I would eat my calories before night time even came under the idealistic hope I would be a good girl and stay out of the kitchen. I just can't do it. I Love food I will always love food and it is my small reward after a long day of chasing a toddler. I like to sit down either read, play a game or watch tv once my son is in bed and I need a special treat when I am doing it. So now I have trimmed back on the extra calories in my meals and save some for night. If I don't I will go over my limit and all was for naught. Naturally, I don't eat as much junk at night as I did before but maybe half a candy bar or a jello cup with fruit or some popcorn. Sometimes I just have to have chocolate, and if I don't get it I feel deprived and then next thing you know I am not on a diet anymore.
I KNOW I can do this!

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