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All different kinds of thick soup (carrot, spinach, tomato, lentil, split pea, cream of zucchini or broccoli, black bean, cauliflower/potato, etc) are my go-to and if you're okay with beans, a lentil or veggie chili with plenty of veggies mixed into it.

I also love lettuce/greens wraps and cucumber subs. You can fill them with any savory sandwich filling.

Stir fry is always a good option and doesn't need noodles or rice. If you haven't tried making zucchini noodles, I'd highly recommend it. If you don't want to invest in special equipment, just use a veggie peeler and peel it down to ribbons, then top with marinara. I even add a bit of neufchatel to the marinara to make a pink sauce that is incredible.

If you want to eat a non carb-heavy lighter version of pizza or burritos (I highly recommend these zucchini enchiladas, use high fiber/low carb 80-90 calorie wraps or flatouts - Ole Wellness brand or La Tortilla Factory, and I hear fiber one has one as well.
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