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Good morning girls. Going to be a hot one here today again. I think it is supposed to get to mid 90's or so. I will get up from here and get chores done before it gets too hot.

I have Jackson's first sock done up to the heel. It sure seems like it is going fast. I hope I can get the first one done this weekend and get the other one started. Thomas's will take a lot longer as his feet are much bigger, the same size as his granddad's now.

The put out the big update for the Iphone yesterday and we spent a least an hour getting our phones to upload it. It makes a lot of changes to our aps and such and it will take time, but I will learn all the new stuff. I guess this was a huge update for all the Iphones.

Jean: Don't know why but those flute things are called recorders. Even I did the recorder when I was in school back when we actually had music class. Tom plays the piano very well. They have a piano that was owned by W.C. Handy. He was a famous blues player back in the 40's and 50's. He was called the, "Father of the Blues." His home and museum are here in Memphis and if you go down on Beale street where all the blues clubs are, there is a big statue of him. I think music and reading are alike. Expose your kids early and you will have them loving it for life. I learned to play the piano, but not very well. I took several years of lessons, but just didn't progress. I loved the shower video you posted on FB. Which one of the kids was that?

Maggie: I haven't been in Michael's for a long time. I usually go to Joann's or Hobby Lobby for my stuff, though the family that owns Hobby Lobby may totally close the business if forced to provide insurance that allows abortions. This is a Christian family and they has said if they are forced to provide insurance that allows abortions they will close all the stores.

I better get kickin' so I can get my cleaning for today done before it gets very hot. I want to get back to knitting too. Here is my black belt. Have a good Thursday. Faye
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