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Right, so the first picture on the left is a picture of me back in November of 2010. This wasn't me at my highest, either. I had lost around 10 pounds, so I was around 294. I am trying to find some of me at my highest, but there aren't many as I stayed away from cameras. I always held my weight 'well' and knew the right angles to make me appear smaller. What is sad is that I am just 23 in these pictures. I'm 26 now and I cannot believe what great (and YOUNG!) years I threw away being overweight and insecure. It makes me quite sad, to be fair. On the right, this was me about three weeks ago (I've lost a bit more since then) at a place called Plas Teg. I'm around 218 there. I guess rather start late than never? I want to be 140/150 by the very end.

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