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Good Morning, Flowers! A big change in the weather again today, a sunny 75 degrees and humid. No sweatshirt today! I've been clearing out the kitchen clutter and doing laundry. I wish my washer and dryer were upstairs with the bedrooms!

"Gma" -- Ian played the little plastic flutes, or whatever they are called, last year in school. We got to hear the group at the spring concert. Of course someone played when they should have been resting. Ian did mention playing drums but found out he needed piano first. I tried to give our piano to the kids but neither one of them wanted it. Jason enjoyed taking lessons because that was when he was in his brace; he knew he needed the background to play drums in the band. Beth hated every second of her turn to take lessons. I figure if they take an instrument or sing in the chorus they will appreciate music throughout their lives. Maddy likes to sing so maybe that will be her forte.

Bob will be home for lunch so guess I should put something together. Cooking is such a waste of time imo! Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Wednesday!
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