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Good morning to you all. It is cloudy this morning and we are supposed to get a couple days of rain starting tomorrow. We can sure use it. When we went out to the commissary I noticed how bad the corn stalks looked all dry and yellow. The cotton is hearty as usual. I told Jack how horrible it must have been back in the days when you had to pick cotton by hand. Jack used to "chop" cotton back when he was in high school and he said that was brutal. Basically, it is weeding the cotton plants in the summer Texas heat. UGH!

I got my yarn and fooled around with Jackson's socks and then gave up and am doing just a basic striped pattern on the leg and one color for the cuff, toe and heel and the other color for the foot. I bought blackberry and whisker. Could be either referring to an old man's whiskers or a cat, whisker. It is gray and when you stripe it with the blackberry it almost has a slight lavender hue to it. I will order T's when I get back home from the cruise. Poor kid was puking yesterday I guess. Kelly said it was "nervous" puking, which I know he does. I didn't ask what he was nervous about. She was at a cosmetic surgeon getting some moles on her face removed yesterday so maybe it was pity puking.

Today is dust and vacuuming and a tiny load of clothes I have in the washer at the moment. The black belt should be dry and I can sew in the "d" rings and then I'll post a picture.

Jack has 3 days this week, then all next week he is going to classes on advanced PLC training, then works the following week, then two days before we leave. He told me next week is a freebe.

Maggie: I bet Will has some areas plugged in his printer causing the streaking. The cartridges can get plugged up I understand. Oh man, that must have been awful. Didn't the moving people put on the boxes what was in them??? Thankfully when Jack was in the Navy I didn't work because the kids were small so I could whip a house back together in nothing flat.

Jean: Tell Ian Thomas loves playing the trumpet. This will be Ian's first try at music??? Actually, Thomas was the one who wanted to change high schools for next year. He told his mom when we went to breakfast he was going to get his degree in physics. She said what are you going to do with that degree. He grinned and giggled (he giggles like a girl and it is really funnY) and he told her he would be a physicist like she didn't know if you got a physics degree what he would be doing. He can be a hoot. I had to laugh because Thomas did violin too. Now when the rest of them get older if you can steer them to piano and keyboards they will have covered everything Thomas did. I think his favorites have been the piano and the trumpet.

Well girls time for breakfast and chores and knitting, etc, etc. Have a great middle of the week. Faye
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