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Good Evening, Flowers! I am home alone, with the boys, as Bob is at a meeting with the city fathers. I hope they feed him! We got a little rain during the night and it's been a gloomy chilly day. I put on a sweatshirt this morning and have been toasty all day! I haven't done much today except work on the afghan and wash/dry a load of clothes.

"Gma" -- Glad your headache is finally gone. Does Thomas have any reservations about changing school districts? Ian was to meet his band instrument today and I'm anxious to hear how that went. He told me it was between a saxophone or a trumpet. I played up how much fun he would have being in the marching band and jazz band. I pointed out there is more to life than football. Maddy won't get to choose until next year but she says she wants to play the violin. It will be interesting I'm sure.

Maggie -- I had to about Will's printer. Do you think there is a coincidence? That's too bad about your little moving booklet. The first year we went to the MN resort, I started notes in a little spiral notebook -- mostly menu ideas and things I forgot to take so I could take them the next year. The cabins just had basic dishes and cooking pans. The last two years the houses have been fully equipped with above and beyond cooking utensils and appliances. I still keep menu notes though.

Not much is newsy so guess I will check what's on tv. Enjoy your evening!
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